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In our ever-more interconnected world, it is essential to have just the right online presence. jCodes develops unrivalled software to give its clients a tailored digital identity that is distinct, elegant and secure. From advanced databases with complex search functions to entertaining apps, our software has helped some of the world’s most innovative companies to become leaders in their fields. Our software is intuitive and easy to use and meets the highest standards of security and reliability.

iOS Apps

Modern iOS apps using the latest technologies



Single page as well as multi page websites

Android Apps

jCodes can supervise the development of Android apps assuring high quality

Backend Solutions

jCodes can create large databases with complex search algorithms and also collect data for the database



Blog and Newsroom for iOS, Android and Web

Using Web Data Extracton, the latest press releases were collected from various sites to be stored in a Firebase Firestore database and presented to the user all on one page. You are also able to perform a quick and easy search to find the press releases you want. This was powered by Algolia Search. This project included building an iOS App, a website and an Android App in addition to the backend.

Planet Play

PlanetPlay lets you explore our Solar System in a fun way. See all the planets in augmented reality and take photos of your favourite planets with you wherever you want. This project is under development.